Enderson Moreira vibrates with Botafogo’s good phase, but preaches caution: “Pés on the ground” | well friends!

Coach Enderson Moreira was the guest on the show “Bem, Amigos!” this Monday, on SportTV. In a big phase in command of Botafogo, which is in the classification zone in the Serie B of Brasileirão, the coach made a point of preaching caution and keeping his feet on the ground when it comes to access.

– It has been a great satisfaction to see this work being developed with such dedication and with the awareness that we are in the middle of a journey. Everything that happened was wonderful. But we need to stay grounded. Keep working hard. The difficulties will be even greater. Getting to the G-4 is very difficult. Keeping up (in the G-4), the difficulty is much greater. We have to keep working knowing that not everything is perfect, there is still a lot to improve.

Enderson Moreira made his debut for Botafogo in the 14th round. Since then, there have been nine wins, one draw and one defeat. Of those 11 games, the team left eight of them without conceding goals.

Enderson Moreira in participation in “Bem, Amigos!” — Photo: Reproduction

– There’s no magic. I was very surprised with Botafogo’s organization. I had a very different idea. I thought that Botafogo, due to the difficult situation, in financial terms, would have a club without the minimum conditions to offer the possibilities of a good job. And on the contrary. Botafogo proved to be very organized with its financial limitations. It’s a club that knows very well what it wants. And Botafogo, with each passing day, I realize the desire to execute what we train.

The evolution with Enderson made the team climb in the Serie B table. Before far from the G-4, the team is currently in third place, with four points ahead of the first team outside the access zone. The difference is the same for the leader Coritiba. One of the highlights of the campaign, Chay was praised by the coach.

Enderson Moreira praises Chay and talks about the situations of goalkeeper Gatito and center forward Fernandão, who can close with Botafogo

Enderson Moreira praises Chay and talks about the situations of goalkeeper Gatito and center forward Fernandão, who can close with Botafogo

– Football is very democratic and surprising. Sometimes we have 16- and 17-year-olds who are incredibly mature. There are athletes who will gain this maturity with a longer time, with 23 or 24 years. And often, this makes athletes look for other paths, a new possibility. Chay even played 7-a-side football. And he is a player who seems to have been at the club for a long time, growing with each game. This has been very positive.

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Enderson also commented on the return of goalkeeper Gatito, who is recovering from injury.

– Gatito is very close (to come back). I don’t know the exact date, but he has been working with the ball and is getting better every day. I don’t want to create expectations for the fans either. He is very present in the process, he has been following the cast. It’s a reference, and we need those references.

To conclude, the coach also spoke about Botafogo’s performance in the market, highlighting the hiring of Rafael and the possible arrival of Fernandão.

– Rafael is a player who is above any discussion. A spell in world football with a lot of prominence. We know he is a player who will help us a lot with this desire to wear this shirt, to make his and his family’s dream come true. And as for Fernandão, it could be an opportunity. He is a player who is suspended, it would not be for this season. Thought is a forward situation. And it can be very helpful.

Botafogo enters the field next Saturday, at 4:30 pm, at Nilton Santos, to face Náutico, for the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship.

See some excerpts from Enderson Moreira’s participation in “Bem, Amigos!” in the videos above.