Enough of GTA V! Next-gen version ad trailer already has 100,000 dislikes

Fans are revolted by new remaster for PS5 and Xbox Series S|X

I love GTA V, one of my favorite games. However… I can’t take it anymore either GTA V and its new versions. Obviously, I’m not the only one. It’s possible to see that you, readers, can’t take it anymore and long for the sixth title in the franchise. I see (and we see) in the comments how upset you are. Fortunately, there is a way to show this to the Rockstar Games: with a shower of dislikes on YouTube!

O trailer in GTA V Expanded And Enhanced Edition was released on September 9th, last Thursday, and has already reached 100,000 dislikes/didn’t like it. In addition to several comments worthy of “cook the peace”. O trailer also warns about the remaster postponement for March 2022 and… it doesn’t even show anything new. Or at least nothing that looks new or different. In the news of the postponement here at Adrenaline and in the YouTube it was possible to see people saying that it is the version of PlayStation 3. Check out the video.

Those who are more attentive should see how I tend to be the author of news related to GTA in the last times. Behind the scenes of the news about the postponement: when seeing the “seamless character switching” it took me a while to understand what was new there. I neither deny nor am ashamed to assume that I asked for help from my colleagues. I was really like “yeah, this is new from remaster?”. So much so that I even wrote in the news “something that already exists on the PC” about this quick change of characters. Announcing that it got faster, “seamless” on remaster, it’s not something very new or appealing. I even opened the GTA V to analyze with the trailer and the changeover time seemed the same to me. And yes I use a SSD. The truth is, this isn’t even about a remaster, but how hardware used by PlayStation 5.

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GTA V is already called Skyrim gives rockstar. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (another of my top 5 games) is also being repurposed for all remasters and generations and has already become a joke. The difference is that there is no online mode to justify so much milking yet. And the remasters from GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas seem to get a better reception among fans of the franchise.


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Via: Gamespot Source: Rockstar