Erika Dias, ex of Dinei, does aggression BO; he denies accusation

Erika Dias, Dinei’s ex-wife, Corinthians idol, filed a police report accusing the former player of aggression last Sunday (12). The information was published this afternoon by Fábia Oliveira’s column in the newspaper O Dia and confirmed by UOL.

According to Erika’s account, the aggression took place after Dinei’s participation in the Camarote FielZone, at Neo Química Arena. The former player would have had a disagreement with her for not wanting to remain in the place during a tribute by the Gaviões da Fiel battery. The woman tried to change his mind, but they ended up arguing. Dinei denied the charges.

“He wanted to leave in the middle of the tribute, and I said it was boring. He thought I wanted to stay there to see someone. He saw something where it didn’t exist. He was always jealous, but this time he went overboard, more than the normal. I tried to leave and he held me, that’s where he ended up hurting me. With this way he held me by the arms, my arm is purple, my body a little sore,” Erika told UOL.

“I went home. He arrived at 4:30 am, trying to break down the door. He wanted to break down the door to get in. So I called the police. There was no way the two of us could stay in the apartment anymore. I took my things and left. escorted so that nothing else would happen to me. Now I need to go back to get the rest of my stuff. I’ve already done the BO, I have the protective measure.”, she added, who was instructed to do the BO online.

Asked if this situation had occurred before, Erika said yes. “Just holding it by the arm, these things. It’s the first time I’ve done BO,” he finished.

To UOL, Dinei denied the allegations and said that Erika “fake a situation”. “Nothing happened. The police came here. They said I broke down the door, I didn’t break down a door, my house is intact. The sergeant came in here and I said I just wanted her to leave my house. That’s all.” , said Dinei.

“The police chief over at DP 32 didn’t want to do anything. Then what the person did: he set me up. She simulated a situation, the police came here and she left for her house. First she said that I assaulted her in the FielZone, nothing came of it. Then the police came here, if I had done something, they would have taken me,” he added.

Erika and Dinei have been together since August 2020.