Evaristo Costa offers to present the BBB22

Presenter and journalist Evaristo Costa, who was recently fired from the CNN news channel, talked about the possibility of being the new presenter of Big Brother Brazil next year. As is known, the communicator Tiago Leifert announced last week that he will leave Rede Globo at the end of the year and the new commander of the main reality TV channel of the Marinho has not yet been officially confirmed.

This Monday night (13), Evaristo Costa decided to open a box of questions on his official Instagram profile to answer questions from his followers. One fan wanted to know if the former CNN contractor would present the next issue of BBB: “Are you going to present the BBB?” said one of the questions answered by Evaristo Costa.

In a good-humored tone, the former presenter of Jornal Hoje replied: “Waiting for the call from Boninho ué !! It can be to be a confined as well”, declared Costa on his Instagram profile. The communicator also responded about the possibility of returning to Rede Globo, broadcaster he worked for over 22 years:

“Leave there with the doors open to go back. Unlike this last channel I worked on. But I insist on saying that my sabbatical is still in progress”. The sabbatical, which the presenter refers to, is the period of rest that he decided to take recently, after having had a troubled departure from the São Paulo news channel.

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Evaristo Costa x CNN Brazil

The journalist took advantage of the dynamic of answering questions from his followers on Instagram, to once again criticize CNN Brasil’s stance in relation to his dismissal process. When asked about the reason for the termination of his contract with the São Paulo channel, the communicator stated that he was “stabbed in the back in a disrespectful way”:

They could claim whatever they wanted, it’s their right to fire. What no company can do with the right employees is stab in the back and disrespectfully. What does one do with all”. Evaristo Costa also revealed that he did not receive any apology from the network: “They haven’t recanted and are trying to find justification for saying I misrepresented my resignation. And sincerely, I hope they never come back to me.”

The statements came after a recent investigation by journalist Mauricio Stycer, from UOL, who revealed that during an internal meeting with the commercial department, CNN CEO Renata Afonso declared that Evaristo Costa “misrepresented” the reasons that led to his resignation from the channel .

Last Friday (3), the communicator released the verb on his social networks and declared that he had discovered the disconnection by watching CNN programming: “Since September 1st I found out that I am no longer part of CNN. Yes, I used to work at CNN, but when I came back from vacation, watching the network’s new programming call, I noticed my show was missing. I called to find out the reason and was informed that he had been removed from the grid and that the company was no longer interested in my services“, said.

Evaristo answers about the possibility of presenting the BBB (Reproduction)
Evaristo talks about the possibility of returning to Rede Globo (Reproduction)

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