Evaristo Costa releases the verb about leaving CNN Brasil – Famous

Evaristo Costa (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Evaristo Costa he vented this Monday (09/13) about his departure from the CNN Brazil. The presenter and journalist learned of the resignation when he returned from vacation, watching the commercial break of the network.

In yours stories of Instagram, the communicator answered questions from followers about what had happened and, without mouthing it, he ‘released the dogs’ on his old house and denied that he had received an apology or a retraction from the news channel.

“For the disrespectful way they treated me? They haven’t recanted and they’re trying to justify saying I misrepresented my resignation. And, honestly, I hope they never come to me again,” he snapped Evaristo.

The former presenter of Original Series still ranked his indignation with the station.

“With 0 being not indignant and 10 being maximum indignation, my answer is 10. It was an even greater pleasure and displeasure,” he said.

Then, when asked about the reason for the termination of your contract, Coast did not spare criticism in reply.

“They could claim whatever they wanted, their right to fire. What no company can do with right employees, stab in the back and in a disrespectful way. What does one do, do to all.”

Evaristo Costa

The journalist also announced that he would never return to the CNN. “Knowing that I would go through this regrettable occurrence? I would never make the same mistake”, he declared.

Now, off television, Evaristo reveals that he is still on his sabbatical period, his initial plan when he left the TV Globo.

However, she claims that she has already received three proposals from other broadcasters and joked about the idea of ​​being the new host of the BBB22, which remains without a presenter after the announcement that James Leifert will leave the Rio station in December of this year, and stated that he is just waiting for a call from cute.

“Waiting for Boninho’s call, u! Power to be a confined too”, he declared.