Exclusive! Former Farm Mateus Verdelho is the father of a girl

End of mystery! The digital influencer Shantal Verdelho, the model’s wife and former A Fazenda 6 Mateus Verdelho, gave birth to the couple’s second child, around 8:00 am this Monday (9/13), at the São Luiz Maternity Hospital, in São Paulo . Exclusively for the LeoDias column, they revealed that Domenica Buonamici Verdelho came into the world of natural birth, weighing 51.5cm and 3.490kg. Mother and daughter are okay.

Shantal spent 48 hours in labor. The discovery of the baby’s sex came with the birth of the child, as the couple decided that it would only be revealed at the time of delivery.


Hours after Domenica’s birth, Shantal posted photos of her daughter, not yet revealing the baby’s gender, to her Instagram account and wrote: “What a thrill! @mateusverdelhomv took the baby coming out of me and handed it to me! What a beautiful birth! Thank you so much to everyone involved, for making it through the night with me and not letting me give up on my dream! To Dr. Renato Kalil, thank you for saving my baby and giving me this beautiful and exciting birth. Unforgettable!”.

Mateus, still keeping the mystery, also published a photo of his daughter coming out of her mother’s womb and said: “The important thing is that she was born in great health. The birth was beautiful and Shantal was a warrior. Thanks for all the positive energy”.

The name Domenica is of Italian origin and is an affectionate tribute. “It’s a tribute to the great Shantal. I wanted an Italian name. Felippo has an Italian name, my last name is Italian”, says the model. “We intend to take citizenship, all of us from the Italian family. We wanted to honor Mateus’ family. His name is José Mateus and my father-in-law is José Luiz”, completes the digital influencer.

Shantal and Mateus have been together since 2017 and are already the parents of 2-year-old Filippo.

Risk pregnancy

In the ninth month of her second pregnancy, Shantal revealed, on her social networks, that she had made a will and sent it to her family via WhatsApp, due to a “small possibility of dying in childbirth”, that the pregnancy was at risk.

“I watched a movie with Mateus and I didn’t even see it because the woman, right at the beginning, dies in childbirth. And I’m like, “Oh my god, I’m going to give birth in a bit. So I got that in my head. There is a very small chance of dying in childbirth. It’s a tiny possibility, don’t be scared, medicine is very advanced and it’s very rare to happen. But anyway, there is”, said the digital influencer.

“I made my will legally. I just organized the lives of my dependents, without melodrama. I simply sent in the family group and to Mateus what I would like to be done with the money. So if I die, it’s all right. Nobody will go through trouble”, he continued.

Shantal was hospitalized for three weeks after she went into preterm labor at just 25 weeks’ gestation, putting the baby’s life at risk.