‘Extrapolated’, says Sônia Abrão about a fight between Tiago Leifert and Alessandro Lo-Bianco

Sonia Abram gave his opinion on the fight between Tiago Leifert and Alessandro Lo-Bianco. Over the weekend Leifert recorded stories pinning Lo-Bianco, who had given incorrect information, according to the former BBB presenter.

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“There are people like that: ‘Wow, I want to see what Sonia is going to say’, ‘Sônia is going to do a flying job at Leifert’, ‘Sônia is going to do a flying job at Lo-Bianco’. Guys, what is that? I’ll tell you something: I think, in fact, I’m sure, everyone is entitled to their side of the story. We always said on the program that here only those who don’t want to talk about it. That’s not the case with Leifert, because he can’t speak because of his contract with Globo, which runs until December”, began Sonia.

“What happened extrapolated, right? Nobody was imagining it. This kind of thing had never happened. The subject of a program to extrapolate to social media, which went further, got out of our control. All of this happened over the weekend. We are very sorry for both. I hope that one day they get to know each other better to see what one says about the other and the other says about one, there are several points that are unfounded and I think they could even come to understand each other in a way that is at least professional”, concluded the presenter.

Lo-Bianco said that Tiago would have turned down an offer of R$ 2.5 million to remain at Globo. Angered, Leifert replied. “Out of debt, out of danger. So it will stay here forever for your reference Alessandro Lo-Bianco. Before, I thought you were simply a bad journalist, now I think you invent on purpose because unfortunately, in the current context of the search for the click, crime pays too much”, he pointed out.

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