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Tiago Piquilo is confirmed in the list of participants of A Fazenda 13. The identity of the new worker was revealed by Rodrigo Faro during the program Paiol TikTok, on Record, at dawn this Tuesday (14).

Despite being known for his partnership on stage with the countryman Hugo, Tiago became a topic this year thanks to a penis enlargement surgery.

“I’ve always been satisfied. I’ve been living for 37 years, and I’ve been living well. But if you have R$1 million in your account and you have the opportunity to get R$3 million, is there a problem with that? One more sip won’t go away. harm anyone. It’s just a detail to make me feel better, to have new sensations. People have the right to do what makes them happy. That’s why I chose the procedure, for my personal satisfaction, purely aesthetic”, he explained to the Hugo Gloss website, before the surgery.

As a result, after going through the procedure, he ended up losing his relationship with singer Tania Mara. The two had been together for five months.

Through his Instagram, Tiago shared a video to explain his relationship with Tania. The former Fama participant (2002-2005) compared the intervention in the intimate region with the gesture of putting on a perfume or getting ready to please the loved one.

“All the times I could give her the best perfume, I used […. ] Every time I could learn a little more about what she likes, what’s cool, and what makes her happy, I’ve tried. I think that’s healthy within a relationship,” he said at the time.

reality premiere

Fazenda 13 debuts this Tuesday (14). The season will feature 94 episodes, aired daily by the network. Victor Pecoraro, Mussunzinho, Tati Quebra Barraco, Nego do Borel, Arcrebiano de Araújo, Mileide Mihaile, Liziane Gutierrez, Gui Araújo, Fernanda Medrado, Dayane Mello, Valentina Francavilla, Marina Ferrari and MC Gui have also been confirmed on the attraction’s list of climbers .

Rodrigo Faro also revealed the names of digital influencers who will be confined in Paiol to compete for a place in the rural competition through a popular vote. Alisson Jordan, Sthefane Matos, Mah Tavares and Krawk are the four participants living in the extra house.

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