Felipão perpetuates his name on the Arena’s Walk of Fame: “I live Grêmio” | Guild

This Monday night led coach Felipão to perpetuate his name in Arena do Grêmio walk of fame. In addition to the current commander, former goalkeeper Galatto, former midfielder Osvaldo and former president Luiz Carlos Silveira Martins, Cacalo, also joined the list of honored tricolors.

The coach signed his nickname on the wet cement and registered the name in the history of the club from Rio Grande do Sul. Luiz Felipe Scolari is on his fourth stint as Grêmio coach and has already won Copa do Brasil, Brasileirão, Libertadores, Recopa and Campeonato Gaúcho for the club.

Cacalo, Felipão, Galatto and Osvaldo in honor of Grêmio — Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

The unforgettable moment pointed out by Felipão, however, was in 1987, when he was invited to take over the Tricolor for the first time. He coached Juventude and had just won Grêmio.

– It was the first moment, the one I felt happiest in my entire life. This is the most important moment in my career. The most important victory of a gremista who feels honored by the trust he received, the invitation he received, who has been living this for 40 years. It was on that occasion that I received the invitation that left me in tune with Grêmio – said Felipão on Grêmio TV broadcast.

I live the Grêmio. Living Grêmio is waking up at 6 am and thinking about the team, about the difficulty we are going through to reach a certain point, hugging each other and saying: we did it. And, when I do, give a return to what Grêmio has always been and will always be.

— Felipão

The presence of the quartet begins the celebrations of the club’s anniversary, which takes place next Wednesday.

Former goalkeeper Galatto was instrumental in the Battle of the Aflitos, when Grêmio beat Náutico with seven players on the field and became champion of the Series B in 2005.

Osvaldo was champion of the Libertadores and the World in 1983, the club’s first international titles, and was also honored.

Cacalo was Grêmio’s manager on several occasions, but was marked by being a representative of the football department in the victorious period of the 1990s, under the command of former president Fábio Koff.

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