FIFA 22 has Neymar’s fall and Mbappé’s rise; see comparison | fifa

EA Sports revealed, this Monday, the ratings of the best FIFA 22 players. With 22 cards released, the game, which continues to have Messi as the best player, has news in overall and rankings in relation to FIFA 21. Among the main changes, for example, Lewandowski – best in the world in 2020 – took second place from Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar lost position to Mbappé and Kanté, one of Chelsea’s protagonists in winning the Champions League, rose from 26th place to the nineth place. See below the survey that ge made comparing the position of players in FIFA 21 to FIFA 22.

Chelsea players celebrate goal in FIFA 22 — Photo: Publicity

The changes in the top-5 were subtle but significant. Argentine Lionel Messi is still the best in the game, with 93 overall. However, his “competitors” at the position of ace in the game reversed the positions in the ratings and overalls. So, now with a score of 92, the Polish Lewandowski takes second place in FIFA; Cristiano Ronaldo, in turn, saw the overall drop to 91 and closes the “top-3”.

Rounding out the rack of FIFA 22 stars are Kevin De Bruyne and Mbappé. The Belgian has changed absolutely nothing from the last edition to the one to come in October: with 91 in overall, he is still in fourth place. Already the French jewel, had a considerable rise and moved from eighth place to fifth, making Neymar leave the top-5 to take sixth place.

FIFA 21 x FIFA 22: see comparison of Mbappé’s card in the two games — Photo: Reproduction

The rest of the players that complete the FIFA 22 top-10 had important changes in relation to the FIFA 21 ratings. Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper, Oblak continues with 91 in overall being the best of the position in the game, however, with the drop of Neymar, the Slovenian, also dropped one place and now occupies seventh place.

Following the list, Harry Kane, Tottenham star and England captain had one of the biggest ratings rises. If before the attacker had 88 points and was not even in the top-20, in FIFA 22 he won the 90 overall and is the eighth best. Defender Van Djik, in turn, saw the serious injury in real life affect him even in the video game: with 89 out of overall – 90 in FIFA 21 – he lost eighth place to go down to 15th place.

The Egyptian Salah was another Liverpool player to lose positions in the FIFA 22 ratings. In the same vein as his club-mate, the forward dropped from 90 to 89 points and dropped from ninth to 12th place. In his place, Frenchman N´Golo Kanté jumped 17 steps and made the excellent season count for Chelsea even in FIFA 22. Now, the best midfielder in Europe has 90 overall – it was 88 in the last FIFA.

Closing the top-10, Manuel Neuer was once again the second best goalkeeper of the game. Again with 90 in the score, the Bayern Munich idol rose four positions in the ratings and took over from Mané, who dropped 12 places and is now 22nd best in the game, with 89 in overall.

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FIFA 22 top 22 ratings/overall Part 1 — Photo: Press / EA Sports

FIFA 22 ratings/overall Part 2 — Photo: Press / EA Sports

The biggest and most glaring rise in FIFA 22 ratings over FIFA 21 was that of PSG goalkeeper Donnarumma. The Italian voted best player in the Euro Cup climbed an impressive 58 positions and is now in the top-15, being the 13th best player in the game. In addition, the only 22-year-old boy saw the overall jump from 85 to 89. With a smaller but relevant rise, the Korean Son, from Tottenham, was another one who evolves in the game. With 89 in the score – before 87 -, the striker moved from 35th to 17th.

Brazilians Alisson and Casemiro, however, fell into the soccer simulator. The Liverpool goalkeeper didn’t have a good season, lost the 90 overall to have 89 and went from 12th to 18th. The Real Madrid midfielder, on the other hand, had a more discreet fall: with the same 89 points as FIFA 21, he dropped from 17th position to close the top-20 in 20th place. Head of the Brazilian national team at Copa América, Éderson went the opposite way to his compatriots and rose four positions on the list. Now 21st best in the game, the goalkeeper has 89 overall. Check out the top 10 FIFA 21 players here.