Filipinho beats Coffin, and Brazil guarantees another surfing world title

The 2021 champion of the World Surfing Tour, organized by the WSL (World Surfing League), will be a Brazilian. Filipe Toledo beat the American Conner Coffin in the second men’s battery of the WSL Finals, in Trestles, United States, and will dispute the title with the Brazilians Italo Ferreira and Gabriel Medina.

On drums, Filipinho saw Coffin open the dispute with an 8.50, but the Brazilian remained in the fight with an 8.40. The battery was quieter in the following minutes until the American caught another wave and received a 5.83 score. However, Filipe shone in his last wave in the final minutes, took 8.17 and guaranteed himself in the next phase with 16.57 points in the sum, against 14.33 of Coffin.

“I feel great. Having so many Brazilians and my family with me. This happiness is transmitted to my surfing. I was very lucky and was blessed to have the chance to catch that last wave,” said Filipinho after the heat.

He will now face Italo. Whoever wins will take Medina, world ranking leader this season, in the grand final in best of three heats. The title will be decided later today.

With Filipinho’s victory, Brazil guarantees the country’s fifth world title. Medina was champion in 2014 and 2018, while Italo won in 2019. Besides them, Adriano de Souza, known as Mineirinho, was victorious in 2015.

See the wave that guaranteed Filipinho’s victory against Coffin: