find out how to upgrade to receive Brazil Aid

The CadÚnico 2021 is the main requirement for low-income families to receive Auxílio Brasil – the new federal government program. The initiative will replace Bolsa Família and will start to be paid with the end of the emergency aid that is already approaching.

Currently, this register is the gateway to various social programs offered by the federal government, andthen, see how to update your data to receive the new benefit.

What is Auxílio Brasil 2021?

Auxílio Brasil intends to replace Bolsa Família and offer several public policies for social assistance, health, education, employment and income. Therefore, citizens who currently receive Bolsa Família Famílias and who have an income per person of R$ 89.01 and R$ 178 and who are in a situation of poverty as long as they have pregnant women in their composition, may benefit from the new program. breastfeeding mothers, children or adolescents between 0 and 21 years.

Those who are in extreme poverty and receive per person the income of up to R$89 per month. The proposal does not establish the amount to be received by the beneficiaries, which must be defined by November, which is the forecast for launching the program.

How do I know if I am part of the Single Registry 2021?

update the Single Card
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CadÚnico is aimed at the following families:

  • families with monthly income per person of up to half the minimum wage R$ 522.50
  • families with a total monthly family income of up to three salaries R$ 3,135.00
  • people or families living on the streets,
  • families who do not fit into these situations, but who are the target audience of specific programs.

Therefore, citizens who want to receive Brazil Aid but do not know if they have the 2021 CadÚnico should check this information through the Meu CadÚnico platform. This system can be accessed through the computer at the address

You can also check this information through the mobile phone, but for this you need to download the application. For that, state your full name, date of birth, mother’s name, state and county where you live. Then, just click on the option “I’m not a robot” to access the information from CadÚnico 2021.

If you have the registration, the system will inform you of the situation in which it finds itself. Otherwise you will be informed that it is not yet in the federal government database.

In which situations should I update CadÚnico?

To ensure that all data is always correct, the family is advised to update it every two years. This is also an obligation to participate in social programs and will extend to Auxílio Brasil 2021.

Through the application it is also possible to know if the registration is out of date, this happens when the family changes its address, telephone number or if there is a change in the monthly family income or marital status of the CadÚnico holder. It is also necessary to update data in case of birth, adoption or death of a family member.

How to update CadÚnico 2021?

The update is carried out by the city halls of the Brazilian municipalities, therefore, the interested party must go to the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) or to a service point of the Cadastro Único. For this procedure, have the documents of family members at hand, such as CPF, RG, Electoral Title; in addition to the birth certificate when there are children.

In the case of an indigenous person, it is necessary to present the Administrative Registry of Indigenous Birth (RANI). To update the income, have the work card of those who have an employment relationship and theProof of address (preferably the electricity bill).

As long as the pandemic lasts, the municipalities are also authorized to collect data for registration update by telephone or electronically. In this case, call the toll free number 0800 707 2003 and choose option 5 to find out about the procedure. Service is from Monday to Friday and runs from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and the call can be made by landline or cell phone.

After this procedure, it will be possible to issue proof of enrollment in the CadÚnico, which has information up to 45 days prior to the application date. This document contains the registration date and the last registration update, in addition to the full name, date of birth and NIS (Social Identification Number) of each family member.

How to register in CadÚnico 2021 online?

Registration cannot be done over the internet. In May of this year, the Ministry of Citizenship even emphasized that it was working on modernizing the Cadastro Único so that it would be possible to make the registration of families available through an application.

However, this option has not yet been made available, so you must go to the sector responsible for the Cadastro Único in your city to apply. Guidance is that the request must be made by a responsible person who is at least 16 years old. As with the update, it is necessary to present personal documents to register. After that, the person in charge will conduct the interview to confirm the data.


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