Find out which famous people refused an invitation to A Fazenda 13

in a mood of The Farm 13, a Record TV held the preview of the reality on Monday night (13). Rodrigo Faro led the attraction alongside several guests, such as journalist Leo Dias and ex-panicat Nicole Bahls.

The warm-up was important to reveal the four members of Paiol. They compete for a single seat for the headquarters through popular vote.


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In addition, the presenter counted the names of two new pawns, such as the funkeiro MC GUI. Controversial, he must star in various bullshit with other participants. the countryman Thiago Piquilo will also be confined to the program, as revealed in several lists.

During the attraction, famous guests for A Fazenda 13 recorded a video saying they declined the invitation. Some justified that “it wasn’t this time”. Others said it is impossible to participate in the attraction.

They are: the funkeiro Naldo Benny, the singer Roberta Miranda, the soccer player Richardson Barbosa, the ex-BBB Felipe Prior, the comedian Tirullipa, the singer D Black, the businesswoman Sylvia Design, the ex-BBB Kerline Cardoso, the fitness muse Gracyanne Barbosa and the fun socialite Narcissa Tamborindeguy.

Fazenda 13 has 20 invited participants and a pawn that will be defined by the public. He will be chosen among the four that are in Paiol: Sthe Matos, Mah Tavares, Krawk and Alisson Jordan.

The rural reality show debuts this Tuesday (14), led by Adriane Galisteu.