Fiocruz releases doses of AstraZeneca again this Tuesday – News

After temporarily interrupting the delivery of new doses of AstraZeneca vaccine due to lack of supplies, the Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation) returns to release the immunizing agent to the Ministry of Health. According to the foundation, the first batch is undergoing quality control and should be delivered this Tuesday (14).

The number of doses that will be delivered on Tuesday has not yet been released, but the forecast for release this month is around 15 million vaccines. The foundation claims that the quantity of vaccines already delivered and the forecast for September do not indicate a shortage of vaccines for the application of the second dose.

“Fiocruz, through the Institute of Technology in Immunobiologicals (Bio-Manguinhos), is responsible for the production and delivery of vaccines to the Ministry of Health, which distributes them to the states and these to the municipalities, and managers are responsible for deciding on their use of doses,” the foundation said in a statement.

But the delay led to a shortage of vaccines in some states. In the city of São Paulo, stocks of AstraZeneca ran out last Friday (10). To avoid further delays in immunization, the state government authorized the adoption of the heterologous scheme and applies the second dose of Pfizer to those who received the first of AstraZeneca.

According to Regiane de Paula, coordinator of the State Program for Immunization, at least 1 million people in the state of São Paulo were affected by the delay in the delivery of immunizations until last Friday.

Questioned, the Ministry of Health did not detail how many doses it will receive or to which States will distribute the vaccines. The folder also did not say when the vaccines will reach the federation units.