Ford Transit arrives in Brazil in 2021 and will have an electrified version in the future – 13/09/2021

Ford begins to offer this last quarter the new generation of Transit in Brazil. The light commercial returns to the market after a 7-year hiatus, since the third generation went out of production here.

The model, which will be produced in Uruguay under the CKD system, arrives first in Brazil in the Transit Minibus version, which is for passengers, and then, in the first half of 2022, in the Van version.

Although demand is greater today for the van version in the light commercial market, Ford wants to first be able to stabilize production and then supply the market with the version that will be most in demand.

In addition to the two versions, Ford will offer the van in a “glazed” version, which is the equivalent of the Minibus version, but it comes without the interior configured, so that it can be customized by Ford or through partners.

Despite being produced in Uruguay, the modification center for the glazed version will be at the Port of Vitória (ES), where the vehicles will arrive in Brazil.

The Minibus version will have configurations of 14+1 seats, 15+1 seats and one with a higher wheelbase for 17+1 or 18+1. The van will have two wheelbases as well, which are counted as useful space of 10.7 m³ or 12.4 m³, respectively.

connected van

Ford did not disclose what measures, engines or prices will be shipped on this fourth generation of Transit. She just anticipated that the van will be the first in the segment to connect to the Ford Pass.

The system is the same present in Bronco Sport, Ranger and Territory, which allows accessing telemetry, opening or locking the car, receiving problem alerts and scheduling reviews through the smartphone application. Some versions must have the Sync 3 media center with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration.

With the arrival of Transit, Ford is creating a new division of labor, Ford Pro, focused exclusively on serving commercial vehicle customers, but not just vans, but also the customer who buys Ranger for work.

The dealerships will be the same, today around 110, that remained after the company’s restructuring from manufacturer to importer in Brazil. There will be exclusive teams to serve this segment, both in sales and after sales.

Transit Electrification is a Next Step

During a short interview with journalists, brand executives confirmed that there are plans to offer electrified versions of the van here in Brazil as well.

In Europe and the United States, Transit already has hybrid and 100 electric versions on sale to the public. Despite saying that there are plans, Ford did not give further details on which option it will offer or when it intends to do so.