Former architect who changed boyfriend at a wedding party says he was betrayed: “I don’t want to see his face ever again” | Minas Gerais

The architect from Rio surprised the guests by announcing the change of bridegroom at the wedding altar – a party for 120 people that cost more than R$ 250,000. Understand the story in video below.

Architect from Rio changes the bridegroom on the eve of the wedding and surprises guests

Architect from Rio changes the bridegroom on the eve of the wedding and surprises guests

Dyl Reis, whose name remained on the wedding invitation, learned of the exchange through the news portals. The ex-fiancé said he ended the relationship 24 hours before the ceremony, after discovering that he was betrayed.

After leaving the architect’s house, Dyl learned that Eder asked ex-boyfriend Hugo Oliveira, 44 years old, at a wedding, taking advantage of the party held at the restaurant Solar das Palmeiras Rio, on Ilha da Gigóia, in the West Zone of the city, on September 7th.

“I heard from the news shortly after I left the house. It doesn’t shake me one bit,” he said.

In the invitation sent to 120 people, there was the name of Dyl Reis, Meneghine’s partner in the last seven months.

“He said he wanted to marry me long before we met in person. We had contact through a relationship app. But there were many fights, arguments. Then, when I heard about the betrayal, I decided to put an end to this story,” he said Dyl.

Already Eder claimed that he was the one who made the decision to end the engagement.

“I knew him relatively little. We liked each other, and I took him to live with me in my house. Over time, I had this desire to make this wedding party, as I have done for many people, many artists. And I said to him: ‘Let’s get married?’. But he’s 23 years old and I’m 60. I intended to be happy. And I thought it would be,” he told the G1.

The party cake was shaped like a pineapple, with 3 floors and a top with albino ostrich feathers — Photo: Diana Brizzi

‘I want to lead a decent life’

Dyl asserted that the ex-fiancé’s intentions were different from his.

“He is not a real person, he has no intention of leading a serious life. I am a very serious boy. I want to lead a dignified life. A life of joy, you know? A prosperous life for that. Material goods don’t compare with affection“, he said.

Meneghine already spoke during her wedding party that she had problems during the relationship.

“Never go through what I went through. Because I was good, honest, caring, a companion and I actually met someone who didn’t have the vision like mine. People sometimes they just think about favoring themselves in a relationship with the other“, said.

The exchange of fianc2es was shown by columnist Ancelmo Gois, from the newspaper “O Globo”.

Born in Alfenas, in the south of Minas, Dyl works as a delivery boy in Rio de Janeiro. For him, everything he’s lived in the last seven months is page turned.

“I don’t want to see his face ever again. I guarantee you that I’m much better now than when I was with him,” said the miner.

Eder Meneghine and Hugo Oliveira got married last Tuesday (7) — Photo: Diana Brizzi / I9 Photo and Video

For more than two months, Eder, who also owns restaurants and venues, has organized the party of his dreams. he spent more than BRL 250 thousand with decoration, structure and services.

Among the guests, well-known figures from the high society carioca, like the socialite Vera Loyola, the filmmaker Neville D’Almeida, a drag Isabelita dos Skates and the baroness Beth Suzano.

“I made a point of hiring the best cake, putting on the best decoration, making the best salmon, the best paella, the best shrimp, having 20 waiters serving the best whiskeys and champagnes, two DJs, all of the best quality. I could and set up the most dazzling party possible. I was just happy,” said Meneghine.

Chef Hugo Oliveira at his wedding party — Photo: Personal archive

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