Fortnite: Season 8 of Chapter 2 Brings Carnage and More | fortnite

With the theme Ao Cubo, Season 8 of Chapter 2 arrived at Fortnite this Monday with important news. The main highlights of the update promoted by Epic Games are: small changes to the map; invasion of Cubes, highlighting the Cubiverse; return and arrival of weapons; Turret Stations; and new skins like Marvel Character Carnage, which is the most important costume in the battle royale’s new Battle Pass.

Season 8 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite arrived this Monday — Photo: Disclosure/Epic Games

Few map changes

Contrary to the community’s expectations, the Season 8 map of Chapter 2 had no new points of interest and remained with the same cities. In addition to some relatively damaged regions, the most important difference compared to the previous season was the introduction of the Cubiverse areas, which appear randomly and vary from start to finish.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Map — Photo: Press Release/Epic Games

Also, there are now many more Reset Vans dotted around the map and their Reset Cards do not need to be collected, with the player only needing to step over the item to automatically pick it up. They are even available for rescue for about three minutes, unlike the previous time of 60 seconds.

Current Reboot Vans Map — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Reset Cards take about three minutes to collect — Photo: Play/Fortnite

With each new game, there will be both a new location controlled by the Cubiverse initiative, and portals that will suck players into a location that is also part of Cubiverse. Here, you can get special rewards from themed chests, including Cubiverse’s new Rifle weapons and Cubiverse’s Rotary Machine Gun. However, you must be careful, as there are many monsters scattered around the region, there is little gravity and there is no way to build.

Cubiverse areas have monsters, low gravity and prohibited buildings — Photo: Publicity/Epic Games

As indicated in the end of Season 7 event of Chapter 2 and in the theme of the current season, the map has been invaded by Cubes, which consist of three colors: purple, present in the Mothership’s wreckage sites and with Shadow Stones there; blue, which are on the outskirts of Campo Canaveral and give a shield when picking or touching; and golden ones, close to the Arborizada Alameda and responsible for causing repulsion to those who approach.

Cubes are scattered across the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 map — Photo: Publicity/Epic Games

Modifications to armaments

Among the items that have returned to the game are Automatic Sniper Rifle, Harpoon and Shockwave Launcher. The main addition is Slone’s Burst Assault Rifle, which falls under the Mythic rating. The weapons that have returned to the vault are: Desert Eagle, Heavy Assault Rifle (AK-47) and Tactical Rifle.

Harpoon back to Fortnite matches — Photo: Publicity/Epic Games

With the presence of Nuts and Bolts following in the game, there are now new weapons to be created or simply upgraded, such as transforming from Lever Action Rifle to Charge Rifle or changing Assault Rifle to Assault Rifle with Suppressor. So, check out below for items available for crafting or upgrading in Season 8 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite.

  • Cargo Rifle (Charge).
  • Rapid Fire SMG.
  • Submachine Gun from Cubiverse (Minigun).
  • Cubiverse Rifle.
  • Cubiverse’s Scythe.
  • Sniper Rifles (Shake, Hunting, Auto).
  • Assault Rifle with Suppressor.

Cubiverso’s Rifle and Cubiverso’s Rotary Machine Gun are Fortnite’s new weapons — Photo: Press Release/Epic Games

During Season 8 of Chapter 2, Turret Stations may be built by donating Gold Bars. That’s because, in the future, players will have an influence on Epic Games’ choices regarding weapons that can be removed or returned from the vault, as well as other news.

Turret Stations will allow players to guess at the Vault’s weapons — Photo: Press Release/Epic Games

The costumes made available according to the level progression in the Battle Pass involve Charlotte, Peixotoon, Kor, Esteban Crinabela, JB Chimpanski, Torin, and Carnage. In short, the vast majority of skins have specific styles.

Skin Charlotte — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Enchanted Spirit style for Charlotte skin — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Skin Peixotoon — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Skin Kor — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Estrilo Mostly for skin Kor — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Tactical Gray Style for Kor Skin — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Skin Esteban Crinabela — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Style Golden Flavor for Esteban Crinabela skin — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Skin JB Chimpanski — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Skin Torin — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite

Skin Carnage — Photo: Reproduction/Fortnite