Forty municipalities in Pernambuco have no stock of AstraZeneca for second dose application | Pernambuco

Forty municipalities in Pernambuco from different regions are out of stock for the application of the second dose of the AstraZeneca/Fiocruz vaccine against Covid-19 (see list below). The survey was carried out by the State Health Department (SES) with city halls (see video above) and released this Monday (13).

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The guidance of the Ministry of Health is for cities that have stock of Pfizer use this immunizer to complete the vaccination against Covid-19 of people who received AstraZeneca, reported the SES.

The secretariat also informed that of all the municipalities that reported not having stock for the application of second doses of AstraZeneca, only Machado and Cupira, in the Agreste, reported having stock for first doses.

O G1 questioned the SES about the possibility of these two municipalities using AstraZeneca vaccines reserved for the first dose to make up for the deficit of the second application.

Ampoule containing 5 ml of the Oxford/AstraZeneca immunizing agent used in the vaccination against Covid-19 — Photo: ALLISON SALES/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO

The secretariat, however, stated that “orientation from the federal agency [Ministério da Saúde] is for the possibility of exchanging the second dose with Pfizer”.

The application of the second dose was also suspended in cities in other states due to lack of stock. The reason for the lack of available doses is associated with the delay in the delivery of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (IFA), the component used to produce the vaccine, to the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

Due to this delay, the foundation announced on September 3 that it would not deliver new shipments to the Ministry of Health for two weeks. The compost is imported from China.

Check out the list, in alphabetical order, of municipalities without a second dose of AstraZeneca:

  1. Barra de Guabiraba
  2. Good garden
  3. Brejinho
  4. Calumbi
  5. polite
  6. Cumaru
  7. cupira
  8. sleepers
  9. eshu
  10. Flowers
  11. game maker
  12. Granite
  13. Iati
  14. Ingazeira
  15. Jataúba
  16. João Alfredo
  17. Joaquim Nabuco
  18. Jurema
  19. Car Lagoon
  20. cats pond
  21. lemon Tree
  22. axes
  23. dark skinned
  24. The robot
  25. Palmares
  26. Passira
  27. Paudalho
  28. Stone
  29. Formoso river
  30. snack food
  31. Santa Teresa
  32. Saint John
  33. Serrita
  34. Surubim
  35. tacaimbó
  36. Northern taquaritinga
  37. Trinity
  38. verdant
  39. Lério’s strand
  40. vice

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