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Adriane Galisteu debuts in charge of A Fazenda 13 this Tuesday (14). Excited, the presenter gave her opinion about one of the participants of the new season of the reality show on Record. “She gave an answer at the press conference that I was in shock, she said: ‘I don’t make a shack, but I don’t run away from the shack,'” recalled the blonde, referring to a statement by Liziane Gutierrez.

In an interview with Link Podcast, led by Fabíola Gadelha, the communicator bet on the confined woman’s ability to carry out good fights at the program’s headquarters.

“It seems she came to cause it, she’s silly, she’s already caused a lot on social media. She gave a response at the press conference that I was in shock, she said: ‘I don’t make a shack, but I don’t run away from the shack’ “, commented Galisteus.

In July this year, former Miss Bumbum was featured at a clandestine party for 500 people in São Paulo. In the video that circulated on social networks, Liziane appeared without a mask, with a glass of drink in her hands and shouting at the security forces that invaded the place: “Go fuck yourself” and “go to the fucking favela”. The phrases were repeated several times.

In 2016, she had already gained prominence thanks to an international shack, when she accused the American rapper Chris Brown of having assaulted her during a party at a hotel in Las Vegas. She said she tried to take a photo with a musician, but ended up getting punched in the eye. The artist denied the information and his representatives said at the time that the model had been expelled from the place for being “out of control”.

Liziane’s crap curriculum gained another “experience” in 2018 during a concert by singer Dua Lipa in Las Vegas. The model said she was expelled from the event’s VIP area for wearing a T-shirt with a pro-Bolsonaro message. On social networks, the model promised to call the US court and sue those responsible for causing her embarrassment.


During the podcast, Galisteu also said that he was inspired by the former presenters of A Fazenda, but highlighted Marcos Mion, who is now hired by Globo and is in charge of Caldeirão:

“I’ve watched since Britão [Britto Jr.], when he was a root farmer, then Roberto came [Justus], and Mion who shone, gave a name, gave a show with that unique charisma of his. I wish all the luck in the world in this new venture, it started off on the right foot, making a show. But he opened this gate for me, it was time for me to get there and create my way of seeing The Farm.

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