Gasoline: 99 repeats Uber and increases travel value by up to 25% – News

99 announced on Monday (13) the increase in the price of its drivers’ race by up to 25% in more than 20 metropolitan regions in the country. The measure came in response at the high price of gasoline, which reached historic levels in recent weeks and now exceeds R$ 7.00 in three states.

The readjustment — which will be 10% to 25% depending on the location — will apply to large capitals such as São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Brasília, Goiânia, Fortaleza, Salvador, São Luís, João Pessoa and Maceió. According to 99, the new prices were already in effect since August and the increase will be subsidized by the company.

“The increase reviews the earnings of partner drivers and was defined taking into account the maintenance of the platform’s balance, to allow the population to continue having access to a means of transport that is financially viable, safe and efficient. The readjustments will be subsidized by the 99”, informed the company.

Last Friday (10), Uber also announced an increase in the price of racing, which is already valid in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The company did not specify whether an increase was applied in other cities, but confirmed that it has carried out a general review of prices considering the expenses that drivers face to work.

In 2021, with high inflation and an unfavorable exchange rate, the price of fuel in Brazil exploded. The value already exceeds BRL 7 in municipalities in three states and the national average rate is BRL 6.007 per liter, the highest price in history.