Genesis: Potiphar decides on Joseph: “Call the servants”

The next chapters of the soap opera Genesis, by Record TV, are decisive for Joseph (Juliano Laham). Potiphar (Val Perré) seeks him out and says he has already made a decision about his future.

“I’m impressed with how my house has improved in recent times. I know it’s because of your effort”, says Potiphar, who follows: “It’s extraordinary how everything you do, thrives in your hand.” José smiles, satisfied, and says: “I’m very happy, sir”.


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My wife too, which for me is very important”, adds Potiphar, who continues, decided: “I want you to be my personal assistant and be responsible for everything here. My finances, the administration of the house, the countryside, the servants’ work, everything.

José is surprised. “I have too many things to do in my work. I wish I didn’t have to worry about minor problems at home. Do you understand what I’m saying?”, asks Potiphar. “Yes sir. You want peace to enjoy your home”, answers the son of Jacob (Petronio Gontijo).

Potiphar smiles, satisfied, and says: “Enso it’s decided. From now on you are the official administrator of my house. And everything I have, I give into your hands. You’ll be my trusted man. Send to call the servants so that I can announce my decision”.

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