‘Glória Menezes cries and remembers the things Tarcisio used to do all the time,’ says advisor, a month after the actor’s death

Nora de Tarcísio Meira tells how Glória Menezes has been dealing with the actor's death: 'Doesn't shy away from feelings'

Nora de Tarcisio Meira tells how Glória Menezes has been dealing with the actor’s death: ‘Do not shy away from feelings’

Glória Menezes will stay, for an indefinite period, in the apartment that the family maintains in Rio de Janeiro to “get out of that environment in São Paulo, where the image of Tarcísio Meira is too present”, as Tadeu Lima, the actress’s personal assistant, tells GLOBO. Last Sunday, she met with her family to pay tribute to her husband on the date that marks the 30th day of her farewell.

A month after Tarcísio’s death, Glória Menezes follows a quiet routine with her offspring — Tarcísio Filho, the only child she had with Tarcísio Meira, and João Paulo Brito and Maria Amélia Brito, the result of her old relationship with Arnaldo Brito. The actress regularly walks on Barra da Tijuca beach, in the West Zone of Rio, walks around the condominium where she lives and eventually goes to the beauty salon. She doesn’t talk to anyone about the possibility of going back to work.

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Sometimes she cries, sometimes she touches his (Tarcisio’s) name, remembering things, saying that “at this hour he would be sitting there doing this and that”. Everything is very much alive in the memory — affirms Tadeu. — Gloria cries and remembers the things Tarcisio used to do all the time. She is still very sad, as she was very attached to Tarcisio.

The actor died last month, aged 85, after five days in the ICU at Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, undergoing treatment against Covid-19. Glória Menezes, an actress to whom he was married for 59 years, was also admitted to the same hospital, but with mild symptoms and was discharged. The two were married in 1962 and, in 1964, they had their only child, Tarcisio Filho. Tarcício and Glória formed “O” Brazilian TV couple.

Tarcísio Magalhães Sobrinho was born on October 5, 1935, in São Paulo. The surname Meira came “borrowed” from her mother, Maria do Rosário Meira Jáio de Magalhães, for being more artistically sonorous and for 13 letters, a superstition of the young man at the time. Her first professional dream was to join Instituto Rio Branco to become a graduate. When he failed his first test, in 1957, he gave up on the idea and ended up definitely investing in his acting career.