Google’s app is the newest to surpass 1 billion downloads

Recently, an app is the new “billionaire” from the Play Store. In fact, the software has surpassed 1 billion downloads made in the online store. As expected, the app belongs to Google. It is the widely used and popular “Contacts” application.

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The app is already integrated into most Android devices and is a really smart solution. It manages the contact information stored on the smartphone.

Through the app it is possible to create, edit and delete contacts from the device, in addition to optimizing the data. It is possible to synchronize various information of friends, acquaintances and family from the digital calendar. In other words, the tool is no longer just a way to store names and numbers a long time ago.

There are devices with modifications like MIUI (Xiaomi) and One UI (Samsung) that don’t have the native app. In this case, it is necessary to download through the Play Store.

Several other Google apps have already hit the astronomical download mark. Youtube, Spreadsheets, Clock and Calculator are examples of this. All of them also have very useful functions for daily routines.

Although it’s a built-in Android app out of the box, many download the program out of preference. After all, Google Contacts is a quick and very practical way to organize your list. Even more so if the user has several integration means and hundreds (sometimes thousands) of names.

Did you know?

The most downloaded app from Play Store is another program developed by Google. Google Play Services has over 10 billion downloads. That’s right, the program has been downloaded over 10 billion times worldwide.

If we only think about the entire year 2020, the Play Store has made 108.5 billion downloads. However, the Statista website shows that the number continues to increase in proportion.

However, if we take into account the last year’s updated data, Google has an important role. Play Services alone grabs almost 10% of the store’s total downloads.