Grêmio receives response from CBF and goes to STJD to try to bar the public at Maracanã | Guild

Grêmio received the answer to the query made to CBF about the audience at Maracanã in the match against Flamengo, on Wednesday, for the Copa do Brasil. And it will go to the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) to try to avoid the presence of fans at the match.

+ STJD does not set a deadline for analyzing clubs’ requests

According to a report by Marcos Herrmann, the CBF exempted itself from the case, since there is a decision by the STJD that allows the presence of the public in the stadium. The organization will not make any move to stop there being supporters at Maracanã.

From then on, Grêmio’s legal department started to work in a very personal order guarantee warrant in the last hours and intends to take it to the STJD this Monday.

The measure, unlike the movement of 17 clubs in Brazil, aims to overturn the injunction in favor of Flamengo granted by the president of the court, Otávio Noronha. The information about the guarantee warrant was published by GaúchaZH and confirmed by ge.

Grêmio’s football department works to complete the preparation stages and travel normally to Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday.

Flamengo and Grêmio face off next Wednesday — Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

Grêmio defends that there is no support in the return match of the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil. In the protocol for the public to return to the stadiums presented by the CBF and, according to President Romildo Bolzan, accepted by the clubs, the presence of fans in knockout games is prohibited if one of the squares does not have the authorization of the authorities, a situation in Porto Alegre on the date of first game.

Earlier, the president of the STJD did not set a date to analyze the joint request of the 17 Brazilian clubs. The full court will hear the case on September 23rd.

Noronha reports that the decision on the clubs’ injunction can be taken at any time. But, in case there is no contrary decision in time, the match on Wednesday, at Maracanã, is guaranteed with the presence of fans.

Flamengo got authorization from the STJD to play with the public, even against the wishes of the CBF and most clubs that compete in national competitions. With the release of the city hall of Rio, the club started selling tickets and will maintain its position.

Grêmio should play with a team without some holders on Wednesday, as they lost 4-0 in the Arena and practically threw in the towel in the competition.