Guild Wars 2 will become a “true” MMORPG with the arrival of the new End of Dragons expansion ⋆

If you are dedicated to the adventures promoted by the great Guild Wars 2, you should already know that the game will receive a new expansion in February of next year. Named “End of Dragons”, the content pack will bring some interesting news and the ArenaNet has been revealing several details, with a view to “building the hype”. This time, for example, we had information related to fishing mechanics. However, the developer also talked about big changes in the world and WvW conflicts… let’s check the details?

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Starting with the information inherent to the End of Dragons expansion, the highlight goes to a new broadcast from ArenaNet (which you can check right below this post). During the presentation, the devs talked about fishing mechanics, the many tools that will be part of this “new context” and fishing boats. So it is! The game’s fishing system will place huge emphasis on small boats that will be used as a “base of operations” for fishermen, generating buffs and other benefits. Anyway, I’ve heard a lot of people saying (with irony and without irony) that an RPG (or MMORPG) is not complete without such a system. So, it seems that players will have a good time with this news.

Now, moving on to the changes mentioned by ArenaNet in a new post, it looks like the game world and WvW conflicts will undergo significant changes soon. In fact, between September 24th and October 1st, we will have Beta testing a set of tweaks that promise to eliminate imbalances, improve the game world and ensure battles of epic proportions in the future. So, for the adventurers on duty, the last week of September has everything to be very busy. And, of course, the same goes for the debut month of the End of Dragons expansion.

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