‘He wanted me to be active,’ says model who dated player Murilo Becker | Fabia Oliveira

Brundo Di Simone, Vanessa VaZ and Murilo Beckerreproduction

Published 14/09/2021 05:00

The latest developments in the situation of basketball player Murilo Becker, accused of assaulting his ex-wife, Patrícia Pontes, with whom he has five children, continue to give rise to talk. This Tuesday (14), at 9 am, the interview that model Vanessa Vaz, 42, gave to the youtuber channel Bruno Di Simone will be on the air.

During the chat, she said that the two met through an ad on a dating site: “He contacted me on November 27, 2015. I answered him at home and charged the hour, BRL 300”. Asked if she knew him and knew about his work in the Brazilian team, she said no, “but the doorman in my building did, and he came to tell me later.”

Then, he emphasized that he acted naturally and imagined that Murilo was married. Even because, as he insisted on stressing, “men, when they look for trans women, they want something more”. “We don’t have much intimacy with the client. In this case, for example, it was a professional relationship, not an involvement. There were two appointments of one hour each, on the 27th and 28th of November”, he revealed.

Vanessa was also emphatic when she said that there was nothing more than that weekend: “She didn’t look for me anymore. I wasn’t an active trans, I was passive, because I was already undergoing hormonal treatment at that time to undergo the surgery. I saw that I wasn’t what he wanted or wanted. So I think it was just a casual client meeting and that’s it.”

Despite mentioning that Becker felt “very comfortable, he was kind, polite, super affectionate and, at no time, aggressive”, he explained that he brought up the story because he had already lived an abusive relationship, knowing about these complaints later. “We can’t let this go unpunished, we have to make noise, unite. Women are a precious asset… they must be respected, and men need to know that, especially male chauvinists, who think they can attack them,” he stressed.

Finally, he stated that he no longer works as a companion, lives between Brazil and Italy, having sought Patrícia (after blocking her on WhatsApp) out of solidarity and not fearing any reprisal from the athlete: “I have no contact with him, much less fear of threat . I think of the victim. I can’t be silent, I can’t be afraid. I think of the children. I’m telling the truth, so I would talk to his face never to touch a woman again.”