How to build a profitable fixed income portfolio? Event shows today

Conservative, fixed-income investments yielding more than equities? Yes, it is possible. Just choose the right assets. The UOL Investor’s Guide receives specialists Laís Costa, from Empiricus, and Guilherme Cadonhotto, from Spiti, this Tuesday (14), at 11 am, to show how to build a profitable portfolio with fixed income. The event is free and to participate, simply register below.

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Profitability of 25% per year

The years between 2010 and 2020 were of great profitability in fixed income. In some years, the indexes in this category were higher than those in variable income.

William Cadinhot, specialist in fixed income and strategist at Spiti, says that it reached 25% profitability in this modality in a given period and that there is a possibility of a similar scenario for the coming years, with fixed income options offering higher returns than those of the stock exchange and real estate funds. But you need to know where to invest.

Laís Costa, investment analyst at empiricus, highlights that fixed income is a traditionally conservative investment, used to make the emergency reserve pay off, but it can also allow the investor to be the riskiest and most profitable option in the portfolio — everything will depend on the knowledge he has about this modality and how decides to operate.

Experts will be in the Guide to show you which fixed income investments are still worthwhile, which may offer the best opportunities, and how to build a profitable conservative investment portfolio.

William Cadinhot is an economist and has worked on the operating table as trader fixed income in South America Investments and as an investment analyst in asset from Porto Seguro.

Laís Costa is an engineer with a background at MIT and with a specialization in finance from Columbia University. made career in New York and worked in the main Brazilian institutions in the city.

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