“I consider sabotage,” says Evaristo Costa about CNN Brasil’s resignation

Journalist Evaristo Costa still didn’t quite buy the fact that he was fired in an extremely inelegant way, according to him, from CNN Brasil. The former CNN Original Series presenter learned that the show was no longer on the grid when he saw a schedule airing last week while he was still on vacation.

To Folha de São Paulo, the communicator revealed that, when he went to question what had happened, he learned that his contract was over a year in advance. “They were extremely ungainly and unprepared during the termination. I was surprised by those who did not expect it, I consider it sabotage. But they were the ones who got shot in the foot because of their disrespectful attitude”, vented the presenter.


“I didn’t accept the lie”

The former presenter of Globo’s Jornal Hoje also stated that the station tried to convince him to announce the termination of the contract as a mutual decision.

“During the negotiation attempts, they insisted several times for me to jointly announce to the press that it was a mutually agreed cancellation and, of course, I did not accept the lie. They even sent me the text they wanted to share. I opted for the truth”, he said. “There were still 15 months to go when I was surprised. It was not mutually agreed. CNN was totally unprepared,” he said.

He complained about the difference between the way he was treated when they invited him to work there and the way he left. “When it was time to hire me, they accepted all my demands, with red carpet, and when it was time to let me go, they kicked me out the back door without any consideration or justification,” he said.

“I wasn’t the one who asked to work there, they came to insist several times here in Cambridge (in England), where I live, but I honored it with everything I promised. I don’t question the dismissal, I question the way it happened”, he guaranteed.

He also said he has no plans to return in charge of any TV shows at the moment. “As for my future, I’m happy and grateful as a poster boy for several brands that trust my image and I’m still in England with my sabbatical, which was interrupted by CNN,” he said.