“I thought it was really dirty” says Oscar Filho about Maísa’s departure from SBT

This Monday (9/13) Maurício Meirelles receives the comedian Oscar Filho on the program Foi Mau, shown at 10:30 pm on RedeTV! A companion of Maísa Silva in the extinct Programa da Maísa, Oscar comments on the departure of the broadcaster’s host, which ended up ending the program’s trajectory at the end of 2020.

“I thought it was really dirty, because there [no SBT] she paid like a sister, said: ‘I like you so damn much, I love your work’. Then she takes it and goes to Netflix?!”, jokes the comedian, who was dismissed by the network right after the girl left.


Still in ‘Foi Mau’, Oscar reveals that he had to “push a lot” on Maísa to be part of Silvio Santos’ TV collaborators. “I think it was Rodela or Marquito who would take my place. I dug this opportunity a lot for myself”, he says, also in a good-humored tone.

With the end of Programa da Maísa, the comedian reveals that he has lost contact with the presenter. “She doesn’t send a message, she ignores it. It even blocked me on Instagram,” he says. Currently, however, the former stagemates follow each other on the social network.

Foi Mau is shown every Monday, at 10:30 pm, on RedeTV!’s screen.