‘I wouldn’t change Atlético-MG’s squad for Palmeiras’

With a high investment on and off the field, the Atlético-MG lives the expectation of having a historic year. isolated leader of the Brazilian championship, semifinalist of Libertadores Conmebol, in the quarterfinals of the Brazil’s Cup and current champion from Minas Gerais, Galo could be ‘champion of everything’ in 2021.

However, what many people ask is: who will pay this bill? Currently, the club’s debt is valued at R$1.2 billion, one of the largest in the country.

Even with the ‘scary value’, for Rubens Menin, manager and main sponsor of the club, Atlético-MG is going through a good moment thanks to the club’s ‘management competence’.

“This Atlético president is a sensational guy. He went to a hotel in São Paulo. The water cost I don’t know how many reais in the fridge. He went downstairs and fetched cheaper water and went back to his room. So, he’s at Atlético. this is happening. The covid test cost a fortune; he negotiated and is paying a quarter of what he paid. This is management competence”, said the patron in live held at Breno Galante Channel, of Youtube.

Atlético-MG’s main rivals in the fight for reinforcements and for the role of the best team in Brazilian football, palm trees and Flamengo not escaped the criticism of the entrepreneur. Menin praised the competitors’ work, but pointed out flaws that could be decisive for a drop in performance and an even greater rise of the Rooster.

“Atletico’s management is very lean and very good. We have a lower extra-soccer cost than Flamengo. Palmeiras have a larger squad and sheet than Atlético, but, with all due respect to the club, I wouldn’t change Atlético’s squad. by Palmeiras. I think Atlético with less money did more,” fired the businessman.

“I always said that Flamengo, the day that was more or less organized, would be a power. That was six years ago. Flamengo is very strong, has a huge crowd, very large sponsorship. However, they don’t have their field, they have the Maracanã. Our Arena (MRV) is all paid and we owe nothing of it”.

“Palmeiras has 80% of Allianz Parque. We can have 100% and another amount of other events. It will be a differential and we will earn more than Flamengo wins at Maracanã”, pointed out the patron.

The rivalry between the three clubs should intensify soon with the semifinals of the liberators, which will have live broadcasts by ESPN on Star+. Click here for more information.