Igor Cosso loses followers after posting kiss with boyfriend: ‘normalize affection’

Actor from Salve-se Quem Puder, on Globo, dates with a dancer from Super Dança dos Famousos

Actor Igor Cosso, 30, revealed that he lost 4,000 followers on social networks when he posted a photo of kissing with her boyfriend this Monday (13). with the dancer Heron Leal, who was one of the instructors of Super Dance of the Famous.

Just two hours after the couple’s affectionate photo, in front of the sea, Igor noticed that his Instagram followers had gone from 560,000 to 556,000. In the stories, he showed the numbers and mocked the phrases he received in response to the post: “Being gay can but kissing pictures is awesome” and “Nobody wants to see this, you are beautiful, you don’t need it”.

In response, Cosso asked, “Normalize kissing and affection for all kinds of couples!” In other stories, the actor wrote: “Contributing to this for me is worth much more than anything”.

Fans and celebrities like Daniel Rangel, Sophia Abrahão and ex-BBB João Pedrosa sent messages of affection to the actor.