In a video, Temer satirizes Bolsonaro and laughs at the joke with a note written by him

Former President Michel Temer (MDB), author of President Jair Bolsonaro’s statement of retreat last Thursday 9, was caught laughing at an imitation of the former captain who satirized the current situation of the government and the content of the text written by he.

In the video, the emedebist appears laughing while André Marinho, a comedian on the show Panico and already known for Bolsonaro imitations, makes fun of the note with the voice of Bolsonaro.

Marinho asks: “And this letter I received, is it yours? I thought she was kind of childish, kind of sissy, I think it was Michelzinho who sent it to me”. Temer laughs and the comedian then proceeds with the imitation mocking the president’s retreat.

“Where’s the part I arranged to steal Fux’s wigs? Where’s the part I arranged to put the macaw’s stick in Praça dos Três Poderes and whip Alexandre de Moraes’ back? That won’t work!” says Marinho in Bolsonaro’s voice.

During the imitation, he still makes fun of scandals, such as the episode involving the million dollar purchase of condensed milk for the Palácio do Planalto and says at least twice that Temer ‘saved’ the current government from a new crisis with the text.

“Since you saved me there, you are credited with my government there. And whenever you want, you can call me there, and I’ll receive you with my buddies there, who’ll be ready to lay the red carpet for you there, okay?”, says Marinho, finishing the imitation.

Laughing heartily, Temer and the guests applaud the young man for the joke.

See the video:

The video was recorded during a dinner organized by the former president himself at the home of financial speculator Naji Nahas. The meeting was attended by businessmen and other political leaders opposing the current president, such as Gilberto Kassab, leader of the PSD, and Paulo Marinho, a former ally of Bolsonaro and father of the imitator.

Kassab has promoted a departure from the current government party and is working hard to launch its own candidate as a ‘third way’. The speculated name is Rodrigo Pacheco, current president of the Senate. Recently, the Kassab legend has also joined parties considering defending Bolsonaro’s impeachment.

Marinho, in turn, is one of the former allies and today opponents of the current president. The politician is a former leader of the PSDB in Rio and his home was the pocket-sized bunker during the electoral race in 2018. Currently, Marinho is in charge of João Doria’s campaign to Planalto.

Appear next to Fear the owner of Bandeirantes TV, Jhonny Saad, and the journalist from GloboNews Roberto D’Avila. Among the guests are Antonio Carlos Pereira, editorialist of the newspaper The State of São Paulo, and the lawyer José Yunes, an old acquaintance of the emedebist.

According to the portal power360, the video was recorded by the marketer of Temer, Elsinho Mouco, and sent to Paulo Marinho. The former ally and current opponent is said to be responsible for viralizing the recording that satirizes the alliance between Bolsonaro and the former president. The information is that there are other videos of the meeting recorded by Mouco that will still be released.

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