In Anderson Batatais’ debut, Ferroviário ends fast and thrashes Paysandu 5-1

Ferroviário ended the fast of victories in the Brazilian Series C — six draws and one defeat — in high style, on the afternoon of Monday, 13. In Cidade Vozão, in Itaitinga, Tubarão da Barra thrashed Paysandu by 5 th 1 and stuck in the G-4 of Group A, two rounds from the end of the qualifying phase.

The match marked the debut of coach Anderson Batatais ahead of the choral team and the change of command was reflected on the field. What was seen was a lighter Rail, with faster passing changes and, mainly, balanced on both sides of the field. The goals of the match were scored by Mauri, twice, Edson Cariús, Vitão and Thiago Aperibé.

Paysandu decreased with a poorly scored penalty at the start of the second half. Ruy charged and converted. Bicolor, however, had other opportunities to score, especially in the first half, but stopped by goalkeeper Rafael.

With the result, Tubarão reached the same 23 points as Botafogo-PB, fourth, but was behind on goal difference (by three goals). Ferrão also held Paysandu, vice-leader, at around 24 points.

On Sunday, 19, Ferroviário visits Manaus, leader of Group A, and if it wins again, it guarantees entry into the qualifying zone, as it is a direct confrontation.


In a few minutes of the ball rolling, I could see that Anderson Batatais’ Railroad was not the same as Francisco Diá’s. Lázaro was not overloaded on the right, Mauri and Emerson Sousa gained freedom of movement in the intermediate and the choral attack flowed well.

So much so that after 6 minutes the first goal came out. Mauri advanced with the ball dominated and tried to score with Berguinho in the penalty area. The shirt 11 ended up disarmed by a defender, but this disarming ended up generating the opportunity for Mauri to hit the goalkeeper’s lower right corner and open the scoring.

The early goal was good for the choral team, which continued to pressure. Were it not for the goalkeeper Victor Souza, Berguinho had expanded to 9, with a header after a free kick by Gabriel Silva. At 11, however, there was no way. Emerson Santos threw for Edson Cariús in the penalty area, he beat Salinas in the race and kicked the ball with his right foot to send the ball into the net.

With the advantage built early, Ferroviário slowed down a little and Paysandu grew in the game. For about ten minutes, from 30 to 40, Bicolor had good chances of even tying the game, but wasted. First with a header by Marino, defended by Rafael and the ball leftover by Thiago Santos, who took a long time to kick and was disarmed. There was also a cross kick by Ruy, who went close to Tubarão’s left post and a good play by Diego Matos, cut by Vitão.

And it was exactly at the best moment of Papão that Ferroviário expanded. At 41, Berguinho crossed the ball from the right and Mauri went up alone to head and score another one.

Paysandu returned modified for the second half and got a penalty with 6 minutes. Leandro Silva shared a ball with Richardson in the penalty area. The coral defender only hit the ball, but the referee scored the penalty. Ruy charged and converted.

The game had a production drop. The clearest chances were dwindling. The two coaches used the substitutions they had at their disposal and Ferroviário had more volume, but it didn’t take that much risk either, as it had a favorable score.

What appeared to be the final blow came in the 21st minute. After a corner kick, Vitão, on the second post, hit the header and made the fourth of the Tubarão. From then on, Paysandu’s forces ended. So much so that the Alviceleste team also saw Thiago Aperibé, in the last move of the game, close the account.

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