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One of the most desired names by fans over the past few years, Inês Brasil did not enter A Fazenda 13. This Monday (13), the singer invaded the headquarters of the rural reality show in Itapecerica da Serra (SP), but was dragged by a Record security guard and expelled from headquarters.

During Paiol TikTok, the reality’s premiere, a VT with the alleged entry of the artist was shown in the special. In the dynamic, Inês stole a suitcase from the hotel where the pedestrians were confined. Then, she went to the city where the rural reality show is based and posed as a participant in the reality show.

As a joke, she managed to enter the program’s headquarters and checked the external facilities in the rural space. However, the security guard was then informed of the invasion and went to remove the fake pawn from confinement.

On social networks, the game amused viewers. “Inês Brasil deserved a picture reacting to pedestrians on the farm. It would do,” wrote an Internet user identified as Clara on Twitter.

“I just wish it was true, but the [Rodrigo] Carelli doesn’t know what entertainment is,” complained Jonathan Furtado when he published a tweet with images of Inês at the rural headquarters. “They gave Inês Brasil three minutes and she made history,” commented William Pereira.

Fazenda 13 opens on Tuesday (14), on Record. The season will feature 94 episodes, aired daily by the broadcaster

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