Inês Brasil participates in a game and is expelled

For several years now, a large part of the public on social networks has asked for Inês Brasil to be part of a reality show. Last night, everyone had a “taste” of how the singer and influencer’s participation in “A Fazenda 2021” (RecordTV) would be.

During the premiere of the program, which revealed the names of MC Gui and Tiago Pirilo in this year’s cast and started the dispute for “Paiol”, which put four influencers to compete for a spot in the season, a sketch was shown in which Inês Brasil appears being invited to visit the place where the reality show takes place.

With her animated way, she manages to enter the farm and interact with the animals, but ends up being chased by a security guard and expelled from the place.

The joke caused Inês’ name to be on Twitter’s Trending Topics, and many people thought she would even be cast in the attraction this year, with many people charging reality director Rodrigo Carelli for the influencer’s entry in the program.