Inflamed speeches and emotion mark the backstage of Corinthians’ victory for the Brazilian Nationals

Corinthians took the lead in the final of the Brasilerão Mulheres. In the first game played last Sunday, Timão beat Palmeiras 1-0, with a goal by Gabi Portilho. The club released the backstage of the match this Monday.

During the lecture, Arthur Elias asked for tranquility for his athletes during the match. The coach greatly reinforced the desire for a smooth game and stressed that the players were ready for the decisive Derby.

“Tranquillity is a very important word for today. And you don’t even need to be calm now, every final, every special moment, gives a butterflies in the normal stomach. That one. expectation that is created because of the game, you need to be calm when the ball rolls – see the full video below.

“It’s the final that most people who know women’s football and that followed what the championship showed, it’s the final that most people bet on. But the championship we made allows us to arrive with extreme confidence. This moment allows us to confidently reach the result we have today, the goal of winning the first game and opening up this advantage in the first 90 minutes. It doesn’t matter if it’s the 20th final or if it’s the first final, what matters is that you are fully prepared for this moment here”, finished Arthur Elias before the team reached the stadium.

At Allianz Parque, home of Palmeiras, Corinthians players had a surprise: the locker room was covered with letters from the club’s fans, where it was possible to read messages of support and encouragement for the final.

Before the ball rolled, Renato, the team’s physiotherapist, gave an impassioned speech. Along the same lines, Arthur Elias spoke again. The coach asked his team to do what they know on the field.

There is no secret on the field. It’s your football, it’s your quality. It is our union. This is Corinthians, you have to go giant there, everyone plays a lot of football here. Tranquility, faith and trust. We’re going to play a great game, you deserve it, let’s go easy and get on top of them, Corinthians,” said Elias.

After the game, Vic Albuquerque and Ingryd played with Gabi Portilho. The reason? The great assistance of shirt 17 for the only goal of the match, made by the attacker. Vic stressed that the pass “finally came out”, while the steering wheel told Portilho to share the prize with the forward.

In the changing rooms and with the winning score assured, it was Serginho’s turn to speak. The professional praised the combativeness of the players in the match.

“Today they asked me: ‘who will play the game is who will play well?’ and I said that this game doesn’t win anyone who plays well, play who competes well and you competed for c******. Then you’ll see if you played well, but competed well for c******“, praised Serginho.

The last moment of the video was, once again, highlighted by Arthur Elias. The coach, even a little emotional, celebrated the score and praised the good atmosphere of the Corinthians team.

“Congratulations. I’ve been on the ball for a long time and I’m never tired of being happy, satisfied and proud to see the growth of each one of you and the level of each one that only improves. Besides our relationship, what a good environment to work and be happy. Congratulations and let’s move forward,” he concluded.

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