I’ve already been vaccinated, can I go back to “normal” life?

Moment still requires care

Moment still requires care

Photo: Dragana Gordic / Shutterstock / Health in Dia

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has totally changed the way of life of all people on the planet, without exception. Simple habits and gestures, such as going to the market and hugging a dear family member, were altered with numerous safety protocols. All because of Covid-19, a primarily airborne disease that has killed millions of people worldwide.

Individuals everywhere were suddenly forced to be confined in quarantine. Away from everyday activities, leisure and loved ones. The anxiety for a solution to all these problems has always been huge, since the beginning of the pandemic, at the end of 2019. And now, in 2021, many people see vaccines as the big key to returning to the “old normal”.

In fact, immunizations are the great way to reduce the transmission of the virus and alleviate the security measures, which are so aggressive for social life. However, is it time to abandon the care and return to the life we ​​had before? According to specialists, the moment in Brazil still requires caution.

Maintaining care is still necessary.

According to figures from the Consortium of Press Vehicles, with data from state health departments, Brazil has already completely vaccinated around 34% of the population. A number that is still low for alleviating security protocols. This is what explains Dr. Maria Daniela Bergamasco, an infectious disease specialist at Hcor (Hospital do Coração).

“We are at a time of advance in vaccination, however, the virus is still circulating in an important way in our country. And the number, that is, the percentage of the population fully vaccinated, to reduce this circulation to lower levels, is still small . So it will take a little longer to reach the epidemiological situation that some other countries, which have already been able to release some of these measures, are experiencing.”

Even for those who have already taken all doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, the specialist indicates the maintenance of some precautions, such as: use of a mask, social distance and frequent hand hygiene. “We are going to move forward, maintaining the vaccination and also maintaining all protective measures at this time”, reinforces the doctor.

Vaccines reduce number of severe cases

Also according to data from the Consortium of Press Vehicles, Brazil reached the peak of deaths by Covid-19 in mid-April 2021 and, since then, the number has started to decrease. The explanation for this is precisely the advance of vaccination in the country. However, as analyzed by Dr. Bergamasco, it is still too early to let down your guard.

It is worth remembering that vaccines against Covid-19, as well as any other type of immunizing agent, do not protect 100% against the virus. In this way, contagion can occur even in vaccinated people. “When transmission is still very high in the community, what we want with vaccines is to prevent a case from becoming serious and from dying from Covid-19. So that’s what the vaccines of this first generation are doing right now,” he explains Margareth Dalcolmo, researcher at Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation).

“After two weeks of vaccinating, we already know that this is a period when we have matured our immune system, already recognized the vaccine and are reasonably protected. Is it 100%? Are we free to throw the mask in the air? no! We have to continue behaving as if we had not been vaccinated. With care in areas of great agglomeration, public transport and the use of adequate masks”, concludes the researcher.