Krawk deletes sexist and homophobic messages after entering The Farm

No use deleting, someone will always have done a print! You might think every famous person would know this, but Krawk’s staff, advertised as a participant in the Farm 13 TikTok Paol, doesn’t seem to know.

From yesterday to today, at least five sexist and homophobic posts were deleted from the artist’s Twitter. The messages from the years 2012, 2015 and 2016 openly offend female and LGBTQIA+ audiences. Check out the screenshots below:

The singer’s unhappy speeches are having negative repercussions on the networks, a reaction that adds to the public’s displeasure with his entry into Paiol. Many wonder how a person with less than 30,000 followers – before being announced – was chosen to participate in the competition that, they said, would have influencers with many more followers than Krawk.

By comparison, he is his competitors inside the Paiol has a question of TikTok followers, currently:

Alisson Jordan: 1.3M
Sthefane Matos: 4.2M
Mah Tavares: 12.2M
Krawk: 29.5K

If he wasn’t already well known in the main social network of the reality and still made a point of trying to hide his positions… Now his chances seem even smaller of actually joining A Fazenda 13.