Larissa Manoela changes her look to debut in a Globo soap opera · TV News

Larissa Manoela is ready to start recording Além da Ilusão. The actress changed her hair color and has been preparing the cast for a month. The artist abandoned the redhead and turned brunette to play the sisters Elisa and Isadora in the new six o’clock soap opera, scheduled to debut on Globo in 2022.

“This is the record of the beginning of Larissa Manoela’s characterization for her characters in Além da Ilusão. In the plot, she plays the sisters Elisa and Isadora in different decades. I loved it so much that I don’t even know what to say!”, published the official profile. from the station on Instagram this Tuesday (14).

The change was the result of an advertising action by a dye brand. On Monday (13), Larissa Manoela had already posted on her social networks about the transformation. She made some videos at the beauty salon.

In the brand statement, the young woman signaled that she liked the result: “I always use my work as an excuse when I need to justify a new transformation, but the truth is that I like to look in the mirror and see a new version of myself” , he pointed out.

know the plot

In Beyond Illusion, Larissa Manoela will live as two sisters in different decades. Davi (Rafael Vitti) will meet Elisa first and be completely in love with the girl. However, she will die right at the beginning of the plot.

Ten years will pass, and good guy will find the younger sister of the beloved. At 18, Isadora will look a lot like her dead relative and will also catch the attention of Rafael Vitti’s character.

Check out the result of the transformation: