Latam confirms that it will bring four Boeing 787s from Chile to fly in the Brazilian operation

Photo by Juan Cosmo – courtesy

LATAM announced that it should fly from September 4 Boeing 787 Dreamliner, being the first in Brazil to operate with such a model. All aircraft come from LATAM Chile’s fleet, the first of which is already in Guarulhos, where it awaits completion of procedures for nationalization of the model.

As mentioned, the flight with the first aircraft is scheduled for September 27 on a domestic route from São Paulo to Manaus as part of the model’s certification process in the country.

LATAM has scheduled the first international Boeing 787 flight for the second half of December with passengers on the São Paulo-Madrid route. The new aircraft models will be used with priority for long-haul international flights, especially to Europe, in destinations still studied according to the company’s strategy and according to the opening of borders with the advance of vaccination against Covid-19.

“The decision to put into operation in Brazil a model that was already used by the Group comes to generate more efficiency for international operations, which will now have a single fleet – the Boeing family, with the 767, 777 and 787. the most competitive company to return to this market”, explain Jerome Cadier, CEO of LATAM Brazil.

The efficiency pointed out by Jerome also results in the use of personnel. With a unique fleet of Boeing wide-bodies, the company will be able to leverage 200 technical crew and 900 Boeing 777 cabin crew to operate the 787 Dreamliner. As the models are equivalent, these professionals only need to carry out a short and specific training for qualification. And for maintenance, the company already has 60 qualified mechanics for this model.

“We will have a 50% reduction in the cost of recurrent training for pilots and flight attendants and also with backup crews, compared to models that require different qualifications. The movement is also linked to the operational improvement for contingencies, in case of exchange of aircraft, for example, and also in the company’s operational indices, such as the OTP (on-time performance)”, complements Harley Meneses, Director of Operations at LATAM Brazil.

LATAM has already conducted simulator training for pilots in Chile, at CAE Santiago (outsourced training center). Thus, these crew members are already able to fly the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the country. Currently, more than 200 professionals have already been trained and around 80 flight attendants will undergo training each month.

LATAM Brasil will be able to fly this model in the country thanks to the agreement of the ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) of Brazil and the DGAC (Dirección General de Aviación Civil) of Chile, where it is possible to exchange aircraft from the same group, from that are operated in territory with national pilots from that location. For this, LATAM will only need to have one aircraft of the model registered in Brazil, which will be the first aircraft found in Guarulhos. Today, LATAM Brasil has 149 aircraft in its fleet. See the details on here.

Information from Latam (adapted)