Learn about Teresa’s death in real life

In in the times of the emperor, Teresa (Letícia Sabatella), wife of Pedro (Selton Mello), is betrayed by her husband, who has an affair with Luísa (Mariana Ximenes), Countess de Baral who teaches the daughters of the couple who run Brazil.

In real life, the extramarital affair did take place, which made Teresa furious despite all the description of the empress. After the heiresses grew up, Luísa returned to France with her husband, but continued exchanging letters with Pedro.


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On November 15, 1889, the day that became known as the Proclamation of the Brazilian Republic, a faction of the army had Pedro deposed and forced to leave Brazil with his entire family. He and Teresa then traveled to Portugal.

Now 66 years old, Teresa was ill during the entire trip. Away from Brazil, she received the news that she could never return to the country, which left her even more shaken. A cardiac arrest happened a few days after the information.

On his deathbed, he even declared that he was not dying of illness, but of pain and heartbreak. He felt a great love for Brazil and deeply regretted not being able to return, in addition to the distance from his daughters and grandchildren, who were no longer present.