Leilão da Recipe has HB20, Audi, Saveiro as well as tires, electronics

On Tuesday (14), the Internal Revenue Service carries out an online auction of goods seized in Paraná. The items available for sale range from cell phones, tires, makeup, watches and vehicles ranging from cars to trucks and trailers.

318 lots of goods will be auctioned. All of them were seized and are stored in cities such as Curitiba, Londrina, Maringá, Foz do Iguaçu, Ponta Grossa and Cascavel, and in Santa Catarina (Itajaí, Joinville and São Francisco do Sul). Among the products that can be purchased, there are many smartphones, from different brands, including iPhone, vehicles, electronic devices in general, video games, car parts, makeup and toys.


In lot 24, a vehicle Ford Ka Flex 2013 red is being sold for R$ 11 thousand. Another car that stands out is the Fiat Argo 2018, at R$17 thousand on lot 95. How about HB20s for bids from R$22 thousand? There is also a Fiat Argo starting at R$ 17 thousand. The auction also has a Volkswagen Voyage for bids of R$ 14 thousand or a Saveiro 2017 from R$ 17 thousand.

There are also cars with higher value such as a Mini Cooper Paceman 2014 starting at R$76 thousand or an Audi Q7 2008 starting at R$67 thousand.

How about a Kombi to run Brazil? The auction has it too! The Kombi is a good start for those looking for a life aboard a motorhome. See more how it works!

Anyone interested can submit proposals until 9 pm on Monday (13). The next day, at 9 am, the public session will be open for bidding. Access the link to find the products.

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