Liziane Gutierrez, the muse of fake news

Fazenda 13 is right there and the Leo Dias column continues with the series of presentations of celebrities, or sub-celebrities, chosen for the attraction. Among the 20 pawns of the reality show is Liziane Gutierrez. Perhaps this is the least known name of the cast, but it is the one with the most controversy in the curriculum.

Liziane Gutierrez became known in Brazil last July after cursing military police officers for being expelled from a clandestine party, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic in São Paulo. But she has been known for a long time for planting news – which has not been confirmed – in the media. Necessary requirement to be considered a sub-celebrity, isn’t it?


Years ago, in 2015, she won the news in Brazil for giving the phone to music star Rod Stewart, in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, during one of the singer’s stays in Brazil. At the time, she stated that she never received a call from the artist. Since the affair with the rocker did not work, Liziane went after another singer. In August of the same year, the influencer caused a huge stir with hip hop singer Jason Derulo. The brunette claimed to have been kicked out of a party by the artist after refusing to be with him. As good Brazilian as she is, the digital influencer never gives up and tried a chance with another music star. In 2016, the chosen one was Rihanna’s ex, Chris Brown. The singer was accused of aggression by the Brazilian, but ended up being declared innocent by the US Justice.

Another strange case involving the participant of A Fazenda and the world of music was when she reported being expelled from a Dua Lipa concert in 2019 in Las Vegas, for, according to her, she was wearing a shirt in honor of President Jair Bolsonaro . The expulsion was revealed by the model herself, who made a post on the subject on Instagram. Liziane, who was accompanied by her mother, said she was in shock at the time and said she would seek justice due to public embarrassment. The outcome of this controversy, however, was not disclosed.

Graduated from the Andressa Urach University of Brazil, the peoa also tried her turn with the Miss Bumbum Contest. She was selected, but soon after disqualified for discovering that she had silicone on her buttocks. In short: creativity is not lacking for this participant of A Fazenda 13 and we are already dying to see all the plots that she will star in the rural reality of Record TV.