Lottery where the Mega-Sena champion bet was made in Araruama, RJ, has a queue of players this Monday | Lakes Region

The luck was cast and six bettors from Araruama, in the Lakes Region of Rio, seized with all their might the chance to become millionaires and didn’t let it go. A bet made at Lotérica da Praça, in the center of the city, alone won the prize of R$ 46,317,095.04.

The 2408 Mega-Sena contest was held this Saturday (11). According to the lottery, there were six winning jackpot quotas. Each one of the lucky ones takes around BRL 7.7 million home.

In 22 years, this is the first time that Mega-Sena leaves the lottery downtown. The millionaire news, of course, attracted a queue of bettors this Monday (13).

Lottery where the Mega-Sena champion bet was made in Araruama, RJ, there is a line of bettors on this Monday — Photo: Reproduction/RJ1 Inter TV

Now, the question that remains is: who are these winners?

“If it were me, it would already be dawn today directly at Caixa Econômica to win my prize and deposit it in my account. But, unfortunately, I didn’t buy the jackpot and I wasn’t drawn,” joked one resident.

For now, the mystery remains. Winners have up to 90 days after the Saturday of the draw to go to a cashier to pick up the prize. If not, the money goes to the Student Financing fund (Fies).

Another question that is also circulating in Araruama this Monday is about what each one would do if they were the winner of this jackpot.

“I was going to see all of Brazil and I was going to get hard again. I was going to spend it all,” joked another resident.

“You have to have positive thinking, you have to believe in the luck that it arrives”, encouraged the manager of the lottery house, Denise Magalhães.