Luan Santana posted a shirtless photo, and netizens point out Photoshop error: “You only work out one arm?!”

Geez! Luan Santana’s name became a topic on social media this Sunday (12), after the singer posted some photos on Instagram without a shirt, inside the pool. What caught the attention of netizens was the singer’s super muscular arm, which many pointed out to have been edited to look even bigger.

In the photo, the countryman appeared in a pool drinking a beer. Some celebrities used the comment area to compliment Luan and his physique. “it’s monster“, said Victor Kley. “His arm swallowed a hamburger. It’s strong, boy!“, wrote Celso Portiolli. “That’s why I don’t drink, to see this beauty better!“, shot the journalist Leão Lobo.

Followers, however, did not fail to draw attention to the size of the arm, even indicating a difference between the left and right. “The editing on the arm didn’t look good… really“, pointed a person. “Do you only work out one arm?“, joked another follower. “It’s strong, huh? Are you working your shins too?asked another.

On Twitter, the comments also rolled freely, but most praising the artist’s beauty. “I think Santana should be a compliment. Because the beauty of this man has no logic“, melted up a fan. “The good part of Sunday was when Luan Santana posted these photos“, wrote someone else. “I think there’s a little Luan Santana in that arm“joked an internet user. See more reactions:

Luan Santana moved the web with shirtless photo. (Photos: Playback/ Instagram)
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