Maitê Proença dances funk with Adriana Calcanhoto after dating rumors

Adriana Calcanhoto and Maitê Proença
Adriana Calcanhoto and Maitê Proença (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The actress Maitê Proença, 63 years old, and the singer Adriana Calcanhoto, of 55, appeared dancing funk together in a video posted on social media. The record came to light after this week’s Veja magazine, sharing a news stating that the two famous are dating.

In the published video, Maitê and Adriana appear dancing to the song ‘Funk da Quarantena’, which reads: “Sit down, study. Sit your ass down and read. Sit your ass down and fight. Get your ass down and go.” Check out the video:

Dating Rumors

According to the magazine, the two have often been seen together at dinners, meetings and small get-togethers at friends’ homes.. The publication also states that they no longer make a point of hiding the relationship from their friends.

“They are a couple and they look very happy”, said a source heard by the report. Despite the rumors pointing to the supposed dating between the artists, both, through their press offices, stated that they will not comment on anything about their personal lives. “I’m not very open about my intimacy, I prefer to preserve some subjects”, declared Maitê Proença.

Possible cupid of the relationship

The possible cupid of the supposed relationship between Maitê Proença and Adriana Calcanhoto would be the ex-boyfriend of the actress, Zé Maurício Machline. In May this year, the singer and presenter published a photo in which he appears with the famous.

At the same time, Maitê also posted videos of the meeting that took place in Mambucaba, Angra dos Reis. In the registry, the actress appeared singing the song “Âmbar” alongside Zé Maurício and Adriana Calcanhotto, who is even the author of the song, recorded by Maria Bethânia.

According to the Extra newspaper, Zé Maurício Machline ended up joining Maitê and Adriana in the many meetings he has at home in Angra dos Reis and also in the one in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. At these meetings, the director is also usually present. Giovanni Bianco and actress Alice Wegmann.

In a recent video shared by Maitê Proença, on the September 7th holiday, it shows Adriana Calcanhotto and Clara Buarque, daughter of Carlinhos Brown, singing the samba “Vai saber”, composed by the singer. “Too late… in the afternoon. Too much! And us around”, wrote the actress in the post caption.

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