man asks Pix for cancer treatment at Base Hospital

A criminal was denounced at the 5th Police Station, this Monday (13/9), after having used a cell phone application to try to extort the daughter of a patient admitted to the Base Hospital of the Federal District (HBDF), one of the main references from the local public network, for the release of a drug for chemotherapy.

Patrícia de Carvalho da Silva accompanied Francisco Veloso, 70 years old, for treatment against cancer and, before being seen, the person responsible for the patient received a call from a person who would be a health professional at the hospital unit and made the onslaught.

In the conversation, the criminal stated that chemotherapy could not be performed because there would be no authorization to release the drug, but that the situation could be reversed in the case of transfer by Pix.

Patrícia says that she soon realized that it was a scam and, worried, she hung up even before the scammer told her what the value of the deposit would be.

“After I calmed down, I tried to return the call, but I gave a restricted cell number and no one answered,” the woman reported to the Institute of Strategic Health Management (Iges-DF), responsible for registering the police report.

Patricia maintains that no one in the family had divulged the phone number to strangers during visits to the Base Hospital.

“I made friends with a lady who was also with her father undergoing chemotherapy, but I didn’t give my cell phone to her or anyone else,” she says. Patricia reported the case to the direction of HB, which is administered by Iges.

The entity’s vice-president, Maristela Souza de Jesus, clarified that all medications and treatments at the unit are “totally free”. The institution is also responsible for managing the Regional Hospital of Santa Maria (HRSM) and six emergency care units (UPAs).