Man kicks woman on escalator in New York Metro – News

New York police released this Monday (13), a video in which a man appears assaulting a woman on an escalator inside a subway station in Brooklyn.

The incident took place at the Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center station, last Thursday (9), around 7:15 pm local time. The images show the boy apparently talking to the 32-year-old woman and, after a few seconds, he applies a kick to her chest.

The woman then falls backwards and it is not possible to see in the video if she receives support from someone soon after being assaulted.

The aggressor finished climbing the stairs, walked calmly to the turnstiles and left the subway station known for being very busy, especially during peak hours.

The woman suffered cuts and bruises on her back, arms and legs, as well as trauma to her left ankle, according to the New York Police Department.

Police officers are now looking for more information about the assailant. Authorities are asking people who have any information about the man to contact him via Twitter.