Man pretends he was run over, but car ‘denials’; see the video

Picking is definitely anywhere in the world. This time, in the United States, a man identified as Arthur Bates Jr tried to forge his own being run over – in a possible attempt to get compensation in court – at a gas station in the state of Louisiana.

Bates called the Slidell Police Department and reported that a Tesla had run him over and therefore had injuries to his back, legs and neck. Furthermore, Arthur claimed that Tesla’s driver fled the scene without providing adequate assistance.

However, Bates chose very poorly the vehicle that would be responsible for his “hit over”: Elon Musk Brand vehicles record the images recorded by their cameras. This was enough to unmask Arthur, who also had the courage to call the emergency – ambulance and fire department – to have it verified how serious were the injuries of the “victim”.


The police released the images they had access to investigate the accident. On occasion, the driver uses the reverse normally and when the car is practically stopped Arthur appears in the image crashing into the vehicle. After contact, he throws himself to the ground and with his face makes some expressions that refer to the feeling of pain.

In the sequence, another man – who has not been identified and is possibly the driver – appears on the scene, takes Bates’ foot out of the vehicle’s bumper, which then follows its path normally.

After being unmasked, Bates confessed to the “theatre” and was accused by local police of “false oath intended to cause an emergency response”.

This custom of forging pedestrians is also very common in Russia. It is not uncommon to find on the internet accidents similar to those of Arthur Bates Jr. According to Gilmar Menezes, in an interview with Super Interessante, this began to happen after the approval of a law that applied a heavier fine for pedestrians. As a result, the number of people who started throwing themselves in front of cars at low speeds to demand money from the driver grew a lot.