Man tries to kill wife who won the lottery and goes to trial

Welsh Stephen Gibbs, 45, confessed that he tried to kill his wife three years after she won the lottery in lakeside, Barry, South Wales. He is on trial for knife-slashing his partner, Emma Brown, to whom he has been married for the past 11 years, and pleaded guilty at the first sentencing hearing.

In the first version he told the police, Gibbs tried to get away and even denied the attacks, but he could not sustain the same version.

Emma, ​​49, won £5.5 million in the lottery (the equivalent of nearly R$40 million) in 2018. Since then, she has been known for her generosity and for donating to local causes. She was attacked on January 30 this year and required plastic surgery after being injured in the face, arms and stomach.

Gibbs is in custody until his sentence is issued on Oct. 8 of this year by Merthyr Tydfil’s court. Judge Richard Twomlow warned Gibbs that he will face ‘a long prison sentence’.

Violent history

This was not the first time Stephen Gibbs was violent against a wife. Emma and Gibbs even met the same year he got out of prison for attacking his previous partner.

At the time, according to the British newspaper Metro, the attack was also carried out with stabs, in 2005, but it would have been motivated by a crisis of jealousy.